Wealth Management Team Approach

Wealth Management Expert Network


At magii wealth management, we take great care in assembling a team of financial experts that work in collaboration, so all the important facets of your life are addressed. With this approach, everyone is working together as an aligned, congruent team. 


The team is led by Mark Gajowski, a wealth advisor and CERTIFIED FINANICAL PLANNER.


Your team may also include the following: 


Certified Public Accountant 

  - to make certain you pay the least amount of income tax


Disability/Life Insurance Specialist 

  - to ensure you are covered if you become injured or sick


Estate Planning Attorney 

  - to provide for your heirs


Risk Management Specialist 

  - to ensure that assets are protected from unnecessary exposures.


Retirement Planner

  - to establish a solid plan for your retirement years 


In addition, we may bring in other experts to address specific areas in your wealth plan on an as needed basis. 


Naturally, we would first defer these roles to any professionals you are personally working with so we may integrate their advice and recommendations into our process for your behalf.


You will breathe easier with magii wealth management overseeing and managing the effort so every team member is working in tandem. Knowing that your wealth plan is being evaluated and updated regularly as laws, tax codes, and trends change, you can devote your time and energy to the areas that are most important to you and those you care most about. 



We would be happy to offer you a complimentary 2nd Opinion of your current wealth plan.