Evolution of our Brand


Growth and Rebirth


magii group of companies, rebranding, a narrative...

as recounted by Kevin Farrell, Design Director at Bread Designs Group, Ltd.


When creating a logo for a company like magii, we had to pay attention to the uniqueness of the company and the types of clients serviced by magii. We realized early on that the strong genie image had been embedded into client's minds since 1999, but it was determined it was time for a change.



Reviewing the project and observing magii’s existing logo, while the genie was a direct connection to the distinctive feeling the name magii presents, it certainly felt out of date, too complex and did not seem to relate well with the services that magii offers. Furthering our research, competitive corporate identities were collected and compared to establish how magii’s rebrand could exceed the competition while also fitting in with the prestige of the industry.



Most competing brand identities were quite bland and typical, incorporated more subdued colors and very minimal in terms of logos and typography. At this point certain connections were coming together and our approach to magii’s redesign started to make sense. We felt the current colors magii had already incorporated worked well together and stood out from the competition. The soft and natural lines in the old logo had a nice touch and our approach was to maintain that feel but without the literal representation of a genie.


Encompassing the different branches of the magii group of companies, we believed the logo should express feelings of depth, continuity, infinite ways of helping the client, security and a net of separate sections contained under one umbrella. In the very beginning of the conceptualization of the symbol, incorporating the natural lines of the old logo, we took to nature to find the right flow for the logo, with 2 blades of grass; the grass was folded and weaved together to make a contained cork-screw type loop. This became its own symbol of infinity and the looping and weaving gave the perfect sense of depth we were aiming to achieve. With this new customized magii-specific infinity symbol contains the various divisions under the magii company umbrella.



These divisions and service there-under are unified together with the undulating curves and never ending break. As such, a custom logotype was created from scratch to give magii a completely unique mark to stand out from the rest of the competition. We chose the direction of a stylized sans-serif typeface to boost a modern feel to the brand identity to help express the companies’ continual progression.